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How to join or leave studio

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Every user registered on movimundi can join any listed studio and explore the classes on offer. There is no further registration required. 

How to join a studio

On the Home Screen you can see the list of the studios which you have joined. Initially the list is empty. To add or remove studios from this list, click on the MANAGE button.

The Studio Management screen opens showing the Studios you have already joined. Initially the list is empty.

Click on the ADD STUDIO button to see all the studios. Scroll up and down to go through the studio list. Click on individual Studios to learn their location and other details.

If you are looking for a specific studio, type it’s name into Search field.

After you have found your studio, click on the small ADD button. Now the studio is added to your MY STUDIOS.

How to disconnect from a studio

On Studio Management screen in MY STUDIOS locate the studio you want to disconnect from. Click on the LEAVE button.

The app will warn you if you have still booked classes or unused unexpired credits in the studio. Read carefully all messages, decide whether you want to proceed and click YES or NO accordingly.

If you have chosen to leave the studio, the studio will be disconnected from your account and will be removed from your MY STUDIOS directory.

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