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How to edit a class

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Classes can be edited by the Studio Manager. Teachers can also edit their own classes, if the studio permits the teachers to do so.

There are rules defining when a class can be changed. You will see it on the Class Details screen. An already scheduled class cannot be changed, if:

  • there are students signed up to the class,
  • past 15 min before the class start time,
  • the class is finished.


You always edit a single class only.
Your changes will be applied to the class open for editing only, they won’t be propagated to the series.
If you need to introduce changes to the series, check the ‘How to change whole class series instruction.

How to do it

Go to the Teacher Panel and click on the class requiring changes. If you are Studio Manager editing another teacher’s class, pick it on the Schedule tab.

Click on the EDIT button to start introducing changes to the class settings.

All settings can be changed, except the recurrence setting. If you haven’t added a picture to your class, now it’s a good time to do it. You can…

  1. rename your class
  2. improve the description
  3. change the ONLINE setting
  4. change the duration of your class
  5. change the level
  6. change the type
  7. move the class to a different date and/or time. Remember – the series schedule is not changed- only this one class! 
  8. The recurrence setting cannot be changed. If you need to reschedule the whole series, check the ‘How to change whole class series’ instruction.
  9. If you need to introduce a substitute teacher to the class – you are at the right place. Pick a new teacher from the list and change the assignment. This feature is available for Studio Manager only.

You are done! Hit the SAVE button and the changes you have introduced to the class will be saved.

Now you can see the changed class in the SCHEDULE tab of your studio, and on your Teacher Panel.

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