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How to duplicate a class

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Classes can be duplicated by the Studio Manager. Teachers can duplicate their own classes if the studio permits the teachers to do so.

The class duplication is possible for both past and future classes, you can use either of them as a base for duplication.

Go to the Teacher Panel and click on the class which you want to copy.

The Class Details screen opens. Click on the DUPLICATE button to start introducing changes to the class settings.

The Class Creation screen opens with all fields pre-filled with the values from the original class. You can change all of them, but you can also leave the pre-filled values, if you don’t want any changes. 

There are only 3 fields requiring your attention, all 3 are related to the schedule: 

  1. You need to set a new date 
  2. and time for the class or series,
  3. as well as set a new recurrence for the series.

You are done! Hit the CREATE button and the new class or series will be added to the schedule.

Now you can see the new class in the SCHEDULE tab of your studio, and on your Teacher Panel.

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