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How to change (reschedule) a whole series

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To reschedule a class series you will need to duplicate it.  Then you will change the settings to new ones and add the new series to the schedule. After that, you will need to cancel the original series.  It can be done by the Studio Manager.  Teachers may change their own series if the studio permits the teachers to do so.

The new (changed) series can be created only for the future. The cancellation of the original series can be performed on future classes up to 1 hour prior to the class start.

How to do it

Go to the Studio Manager Panel or to the Teacher Panel and click on one class from the series which you want to change.

The Class Details screen opens. Click on the DUPLICATE button to create a new series copying the settings of the original one.

The Class Creation screen opens with all fields pre-filled with the values from the original class. You can change all of them or you can leave the pre-filled values if you don’t need to make any changes.

There are 3 fields requiring your attention.  All 3 are related to the schedule: 

  1. You need to set a date 
  2. and time for the first class in the new series,
  3. as well as a new recurrence for the series.

Now hit the CREATE button and the new series will be added to the schedule.

The next step is to remove the original series. Again, click on one class from the original series.

The Class Details screen opens. Click on the CANCEL button.

You will be asked whether you want to Cancel the whole series – choose YES.

Now you can see the changes in SCHEDULE and on your Teacher Panel – the ‘old’ series is removed, and the ‘new’ is added.


It can happen that some classes in the series won’t be cancelled because students have already signed up to a particular date. The list of these classes will be shown to you so that you can handle it directly with the students.  You can ask them to change bookings to a new class and cancel the classes after they have rebooked.

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