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How to cancel a single class or class series

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The classes can be cancelled by the Studio Manager.  Teachers can cancel their own classes if the studio permits the teachers to do so.

The cancellation can be performed up to 1 hour before the class start time, if there are no students signed up to the class.

How to do it

Go to the Studio Manager Panel or to the Teacher Panel and click on the class you want to cancel. If you are cancelling the series, click on one class from the series.

The Class Details screen opens. Click on the CANCEL button.

You will be asked to confirm the cancellation.

If the class is NOT part of a series, the cancellation proceeds and the class will be removed from schedule.

If the class belongs to a series, you will be asked whether you want to Cancel the whole series.

CANCEL ONE CLASS – the cancellation proceeds for the selected class only.

CANCEL ALL IN THE SERIES – the cancellation proceeds for all future classes in the series.



Some classes in a series may not be cancelled if students have already signed up for that particular date. A list of these classes will be shown to you so that you can handle it directly with the students. You can ask them to change their bookings to different classes and proceed to cancel the classes after they have rebooked.


Now you can see your classes removed from the SCHEDULE and from your Teacher Panel, if you are teacher cancelling your own classes.

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