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How to buy a pass

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There are 2 ways to purchase class entry passes.

From Credit Summary screen

Go to Schedule. On the right side of Studio Logo there is a ‘Pass-coin’ showing the number of valid passes available on your account. If the passes on your account are about to expire in less than 8 days, the color of the Coin will change to Red.

Click on the ‘Pass-Coin’ and the Credit Summary screen will open. Now you see the list of the passes you have purchased in the studio and their expiration dates. 

To add passes to your account, click on the ‘Cart’ button.

The Products screen opens. Pick the pass you want to purchase and click on it.

You can pay with Credit Card or use PayPal. The method used by you will be securely stored on your account and you will be able to use it again for your next purchase on movimundi.

The purchased passes will be added to your account – you will see the new amount on the ‘Pass-Coin’ and a new item on the Credit Summary list.

During class booking

Go to Schedule. From the list of classes pick the one which you want to join.

The Class Details screen opens, press the BOOK button.

If you do not have valid passes on your account, you will be redirected to Products screen. 

Proceed with steps 3 – 5 from the Credit Summary initiated method.

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