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How to book a class

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The classes can be booked by any student who joined the studio. Before he can book classes the student is requested to sign the Waiver and also he/she/they need to purchase a pass. The below instruction will guide you through the waiver signing and the pass purchase steps. 

Go to Schedule. On the right side of Studio Logo there is a ‘Pass-Coin’ showing the number of valid passes available on your account. If the number is Zero, you will be redirected to the Pass purchase step. If the passes on your account are about to expire in less than 8 days, the color of the Coin will change to Red.

From the list of classes pick the one which you want to join.

The Class Details screen opens. 

You can go through the details of the class and if you want to learn more about the teacher, simply click on the photo of the teacher.

After you have decided which class you want to book, click the BOOK button.

If you didn’t sign the waiver yet, you will be now asked to read it carefully and to accept the terms by signing the waiver digitally.

If you do not have valid passes on your account, you will be redirected to the pass-purchase screen. After you successfully finalize the pass purchase, the class booking proceeds.

Your class is booked! Now when you will go to the Class Details screen again, it will look different and it will show how much time is left to the class.

If for some reason you won’t be able to take the class, you can cancel the booking any time up to 1 hour before the class starts

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