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How to add or remove teacher from studio

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You need to be a Studio Manager to be able to add/remove teachers to/from the studio. 

Adding a new teacher

Ask the new teacher to download the movimundi app.  They should then create an account on the app and join your studio.

After the new teacher has notified you that she has added your studio to her MY STUDIOS list, you can proceed with assigning a role of teacher to her.

On the Studio Manager Tab you can see the list of the teachers and the students in your studio. The tab opens with the Students list. 
The hired teacher’s name on the students list. To look into the profile click on the student’s picture. By clicking on the 3-dots symbol next to her name add the Teacher role to the user.

The teacher has been added to the TEACHER LIST in your studio.

The last step is to ask the teacher to go to her User Profile. It is now extended with the Teacher Specific fields like Teacher Bio, Certificate level etc. These entries are important, as they will be made visible to students in Class Details of the classes taught by the teacher.

Now the new teacher in your studio is all set and you can start scheduling classes for them!

How to remove a teacher

Click on the TEACHERS button to see all the teachers in your studio. Scroll up and down to go through the teachers list. Check the details of teachers by clicking on the teacher picture. 

To remove the teacher from the list, click on the 3-dots symbol next to the teacher’s name and choose REMOVE 

The teacher is removed from the Teachers List in your studio.